God has a redemptive purpose for each individual, and is calling you towards this by your name. Today. This life- defining truth forms the essence of why you were born and is best explained by the Amplified Bible in Ecc 3:11: “He(God) has planted eternity in men’s hearts and minds [a divinely implanted sense of purpose working through the ages which nothing under the sun but God alone can satisfy“.]



NEW EARTH MINISTRIES has been founded to create an open-ended space of worship and revelatory teaching, to build up the Body of Jesus the Christ in a new, living way. It is a search for a new wineskin that can contain the new wine of the Last Reformation. We believe in the unprecedented move of the sevenfold Spirit of God in this third day of resurrection power. This Spirit establishes the Kingdom of God, on earth as it is in the heavens. The knowledge of the glory of the Lord will surely cover the earth. In these days of Elijah, all people will be drawn to the light of the collective Christ, through this revelation of God’s goodness and fervent love. The church has not been this way before.



Manna Letter

We unravel the mysteries of the bible in a short one page letter published once a week.

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Bible Briefs

A daily question and answer forum. Submit your thoughts and questions here.

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Home Churches

Get involved with like minded people in home churches close to you. Sound relationship is the backbone of our gospel.

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Scripture Based Theology

Sola Scriptura: By scripture alone

True to our reformist roots, we believe the Bible to be the highest authority to which we measure all our teaching.

Furthermore, we believe that the entire Bible has been given to us as an instrument that guides us on our way as we come to know the Living God. Paul explains this to Timothy in 2Tim 3:16, when writing: “All of scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”.

The Bible is an intricate text, beautifully interwoven with various literary styles. When studying scripture, all these styles need to be kept in mind and respected. We read the Bible typologically, which means that everything that is concealed within the old testament is revealed within the new testament.

Only when reading the Bible correctly, does it truly become the divinely integrated key that unlocks itself.


What is God’s agenda with the drought in the Cape, and what should we as believers do to align ourselves with God’s agenda?
What is God’s agenda with the drought in the Cape, and what should we as believers do to align ourselves with God’s agenda? Does God talk to us through circumstances?
Is it wrong for believers to swear?